Thursday, November 15, 2012

Activity Day–Oh Canada

Our travels this month took us to Canada.  We studied the provinces by racing each other in a killer word search.  Surprisingly, only one student had heard of Niagara Falls, so everyone were fascinated by the size of the falls.  They were floored by the fact that some people are dumb enough to go over the falls in a barrel.

We talked about the Inuit people, ice fishing, caribou hunting and igloo building.  We made our own igloos from a Styrofoam cup glued to a Styrofoam plat, with a toilet paper roll for a tunnel.  We glued cotton balls all over the exterior for a nice fluffy igloo.



Our snack this month was these lovely (and tasty) maple leaf shaped sugar cookies.   Thanks so much to the big sister who worked on this snack for the class!


We also attached our Canada stamp to our passports.  We worked on counting in French and a few French phrases as well.  Our outside activities were thwarted, so we didn’t get to track caribou or practice ice fishing. 

Books we used:

Count Your Way Through Canada; by Jim Haskins
Canada; by Colleen Sexton
Niagara Falls; by Sarah Tieck
Prince Edward Island; by Suzanne LeVert
Frozen Land, Vanishing Cultures; by Jan Reynolds
Wow Canada! Exploring this Land from Coast to Coast to Coast; by Vivien Bowers

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