Friday, November 23, 2012

Is Someone Missing?

As mothers, we often do a quick head count and make sure all of our children are safe and accounted for.   Have you ever done a head count, spotted all your children and still have a feeling that someone’s missing?

Perhaps God is calling you to be a Family in the Gap (FIG) for a child in another part of the world.  A child, who without you, may never have an opportunity to go to school, have enough food, or even live to be an adult.

A child like Mihrete.


Mihrete is a healthy, grade 2 girl.  Her brother and sister have already been adopted, and the whereabouts of her parents are unknown.   She needs someone to stand in the gap for her, is it you?

In your role as FIG you agree to:

  • commit to praying regularly for “your” child 
  • financially support for $30 per month

In addition to the above mentioned “requirements” for an FIG, you can also write to your child and send care packages IF you want.   

To become a FIG for Mihrete, email Charisa at

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