Friday, November 30, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up – Say Goodbye to November

Wow, the last November wrap up of 2012.   That came on quick, didn’t it?

Monday night was our city Christmas parade.  My husband scheduled a vacation day so he could go with us.  We’ve been here for 5 Christmases and he’s never been to the parade.  It was really nice to go as a family. The whole thing was about an hour and forty-five minutes of continuous movement (no big gaps between floats/bands).   My older brother went with us and we all had a great time.  Then we came home and made hot cocoa and coffee and chatted until almost 11pm!

We’ve had Nutcracker practice every night this week, except Monday.   Between the two girls there are 5 HOURS of practice scheduled for tomorrow..yes, Saturday, 5 HOURS.   Next week is stage week and then it’ll all be over for another year (grins).

In other, non-Nutcracker news, academics are going well.   Olivia is working with harder math concepts like improper fractions, reducing fractions and the fraction bar.  I’ll add here that I had never heard of a “fraction bar”, nor had I ever learned how to turn an improper fraction into a mixed number, seriously.  So I learned that this week along with Olivia.  Go me!

Lindsey is working on liquid measurements, and I need to gather some pint, quart and gallon containers so she can have some hands on pouring fun.  I’ll have to purchase some milk, eggnog and heavy cream this week to make that happen, anything for education right?

Language arts for both girls have been pretty easy this week.  Lindsey is working on exclamatory sentences, so there’s a lot of exclaiming going on.   Olivia is learning subject/predicate and verb phrases.

We also began our Nutcracker Unit Study (yes, really).  I’ve learned all sorts of things about Tchaikovsky that I really didn’t want to know, but I keep a lot of THAT information to myself, ahem. 


One of Olivia’s handbook requirements for Awana this year is to serve a special snack to someone who helps with the program.  She decided to make homemade cookies and thank you cards for all of the leaders in the TNT girls group.    She worked on this project Tuesday night while Lindsey was at ballet.  I was quite proud of her.




My husbands company is having a recycled Christmas ornament contest, with PRIZES.   Everything you use to make the ornament must be recycled or repurposed.  This is what I came up with.  The base of the ornament is an old cd.  The covering on both sides came from old Christmas cards.  The fluffy fake snow is stuffing from a busted chair cushion.  The sparkles in the snow is translucent wrapping ribbon cut into tiny pieces, and the ribbon is, well…ribbon.


I think that is a pretty good recap of our week.  We did other things like Christmas crafting, and shopping, but nothing particularly note worthy, just life and the joy that comes with being with the kids.

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  1. We are starting our unit on measurements this next week. I plan to have my two do some measuring and pouring, too, just for fun!


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