Friday, November 2, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up–The “Franken-fizzle” Edition

Over this past weekend our headlines and newsfeeds were full of warnings about hurricane Sandy and the whole “Frankenstorm” ordeal.   Thankfully, our area was blessed in that we got very little wind, minimal rain and only a few snow flurries.  We continue to pray for those who were devastated by the storm.

Monday the local schools were closed and we were under high wind warning, then flood warnings which by mid day turned into blizzard warnings.  None of which ever materialized for us, thankfully.   The girls and I are always home on Monday evenings, so we made our traditional popcorn balls for the year.  My husband’s grandmother apparently got him hooked on popcorn balls as a child, so I try to feed his addiction once a year.  Here’s the recipe we use if you’d like to give it a go.

Our ballet studio follows the city schools on cancellations. Since schools were closed on Tuesday, ballet was also cancelled.  So we had two nights in a row at home. The girls spent the extra time reading and playing with their dolls.

Wednesday of course was Halloween, which we don’t celebrate.  Awana was still held, but we only had about 50 show up the normal 160+.   The girls and I did score a bag of candy each.

Thursday was typical school, ballet and laundry.  Ooohhh…aaahhh.  Exciting I know.

This being our first Friday of the month there was no co-op.  We went out for our monthly Chinese buffet lunch ($3.99/adult, you can’t beat that).  We did a little Christmas shopping and pulled this year’s first tour of duty ringing the bells for the Salvation Army.  

Right after we started to ring the bells, a mother came up and dropped some money in our bucket and then asked if schools were out or if we homeschooled.  (Deep inside I thought “oh great, here comes the why I don’t agree with homeschooling speech”.)  Instead this total stranger stood in the cold wind for 45 minutes explaining to me what difficulties her son was having in school and asking me what she could do to help him.   Her son has Asperger’s, but the school system is fighting her on getting an IEP in place, because as the guidance counselor and teacher told her, “If he fails, he fails.”  Can you believe that?  Well, yes, I’m sure you can, but wow!

Olivia had her monthly youth group meeting tonight.  Lindsey and I will be spending the evening Christmas shopping, or Christmas looking as the case may be.

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  1. Glad to hear you all came through the storm well. I'm glad you had a good homeschool conversation. Have a great weekend.


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