Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas Crafting

If you are a member of my immediate family, do not go any further or you will see your Christmas gift.  TURN BACK NOW!

For the rest of you, I thought I’d share of few of the things the girls have been making for gifts these last few days.  (Yes, I did help them with the hot glue gun, but they did all the other work.)   Here are my two favorites.

Lindsey made the snowman.  The head is a styrofoam ball, and the hat is a styrofoam cup covered in black felt.  She braided red yarn to make the mouth and to go around the bottom of the hat.  The little scarf is made of red and green pipe cleaners twisted together.   All of this one was assembled with hot glue.

Christmas 2012 003

The angel was Olivia’s creation.  We printed out sheet music for “O Holy Night” and cut it to make the angels body and wings.  We then hot glued lace around the bottom of the angel and the backs of the wings.  The head was made of a big clear bead.  Again, the hot glue gun had to come into play on this one.

Christmas 2012 009

Olivia made this bird and flower from pipe cleaners and pompons.  The trinket box was embellished with flowers ribbon and personalized as well by Ms. O.

Christmas 2012 006

Then we brought out the popsicle sticks, glitter glue and old Christmas cards from years gone by and the girls went wild making ornaments.

Christmas 2012 008Christmas 2012 010

Olivia made this totally cute potholder.  Yes we really do own one of those weaving looms and we really make potholders for gifts, we ARE that family (but I thought the border and flowers were a nice touch).  The little brown creatures are one of Lindsey’s creations.  They are glued onto the clip on type of clothes pins so they can be attached to the sun visor.   The frog ornament is for a family member with a strange love for frogs, which I don’t find Christmassy, but at least it’s green.

Christmas 2012 012

We also spent some time working on a garland for the squirrels, yes, seriously.  We had a stale box of Cheerios, and I bought an off brand version of Apple Jacks and we spent Sunday afternoon working and chatting.  Even the hubs got to help.

Christmas 2012 065Christmas 2012 064

Christmas 2012 068

Soon, this….

Christmas 2012 062

…turned into this.

Christmas 2012 069

And another fond childhood memory was created.

Christmas 2012 072

Christmas 2012 079

What fun crafts and activities have you done with your family this week?

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