Friday, January 18, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up–A Few Changes

Three cheers for Friday!!  Woot!   Please tell me I’m not the only one who is exhausted at the end of the week…even if you have to lie, please tell me. 

I had been a contributing writer for The Homeschool Village for sometime now.  Although I was honored to be asked to do it, and I enjoyed it I felt it was time to cut it loose.    I just can’t give it as much attention as the new owner is wanting.  Best of wishes to the group, the site and the owners!

In the meantime I have taken on the role of Church Liaison for our local chapter of The Forgotten Initiative.  We work as a support agency for the local foster care program.   I’m really excited about this opportunity.

Academically it’s been a great week.  Olivia is really doing wonderfully with fractions.   Lindsey has started working on multiplication and that’s going smoothly as well.   I’ve added the Math Mammoth Money course to Lindsey’s Abeka to help her get a better handle on money.  This has been an excellent move and we’ll most likely be going with Math Mammoth entirely for next year.

Language arts are going smoothly.  Olivia is learning to diagram sentences, which I always HATED in school, but she’s doing well.  Lindsey is working on parts of speech and subject/verb agreement.

Thursday was supposed to be a super busy day with Activity Day, ballet and basketball.   Then came the prediction of snow and what I like to call “snow madness” set in.  Schools started dismissing, which meant Activity Day and ballet cancelled because they follow the schools weather policy.  Then basketball  was cancelled and poor Lindsey was beside herself.   Oh, and did I mention not.a.bit.of.snow?  NONE.

To help alleviate some of the sorrow I dug through the scrap fabric pile and found a little corduroy jumper, and we say down to make sleeping bags for the Barbie’s. 




Then the Barbie winter jamboree broke out on our kitchen table and continued for several hours.  Yes, the Barbie’s are roasting marshmallows for their kids, and the kids are obviously happy about it.


Friday was back to co-op, which I find utterly exhausting for some reason.  Today was class photo day, the year book is in the works!  We’ll do it all again next week…sigh.

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