Friday, February 15, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up– Valentine’s Week

Are you still in a sugar induced stupor from the 10 pound box of chocolates and the 3 dozen roses from your spouse?  Yeah, me either.  Grins!  I specifically told my husband NOT to buy me any chocolate.  I’ve lost over 12 pounds since January and I’m not about to mess with that success.  In lieu of chocolates he bought me some incredibly delicious maple walnut tea from my friends at Grains of Sense.   This tea is much better than chocolate!     The girls worked on cards and cookies for their friends for Valentine’s Day.

Academically we’ve had another good week.  Lindsey is beginning multiplication and division in math. Olivia is still heavily involved with fractions and cancellations.

Language arts is a constant flurry of diagramming sentences, proper grammar, handwriting and spelling lists.  I’m SO looking forward to getting finished with this years curriculum choice.

At Awana, Olivia is finishing up her gold and silver extra credit sections for her TNT book.   Most people skip this part, but I really like it because instead of just memorizing scripture (which is GREAT), they also have to work on projects that require thought and effort.   This weeks project was to create a family newspaper.  She had to include at least 5 articles about important things in the family, with illustrations.  The titles were way cool, but I’ve but explanations in parenthesis here so you have a clue what she was talking about.

1. Loss of Memory (Grandma has been diagnosed with dementia>)
2. Rebuilding the Kitchen (Dad finally fixed the kitchen cabinets.)
3. Dunking Lindsey (Lindsey’s baptism.)
4.  All Shook Up (Olivia lost a tooth while shaking her head.)
5. Tea Time  (Attending the Victorian Tea.)


Lindsey is flying through her review of her book.  She somehow managed to say 15 verses this week.  It amazes me how much kids can memorize!

We’ve decided that we will be participating in coop again next year.  I’ve spent time this week filling out applications and fleshing out two classes that I plan to offer.   One class will be for 2nd-3rd grade that focuses on American history based on the people who helped shape our country.   The second class will be a literature circle/book club for 4th – 5th grade.  I’m really excited about this one since literature has always been my favorite subject.

I have several reviews coming up in the next few weeks, so be sure to keep an eye out for those.

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  1. Congrats on the weight loss :)

  2. Your daughter chose such clever titles for her articles! She may be a blossoming blogger!


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