Monday, March 25, 2013

We Choose Virtues - Review

We were having a particularly spastic, easily distractible week when our We Choose Virtues review package arrived.   Imagine my surprise to see that the sample parenting card in my package was Attentiveness. God’s funny like that. We found a prominent place for the parent card, as a reminder to us throughout the day.


In my product review kit, I received the Virtue Flash Cards ($14.99), a sample (1 card) from  Parenting Card ($34.99), Kids of Virtueville Coloring Pages download ($3), the Teacher’s Handbook download ($5.00), Memory Verses, Bible Heroes and Truths download (FREE), and the Family Character Assessment download (FREE).

The first week, we read the flashcard, had each girl look up the scripture in her Bible and then color the picture that goes with the Attentive card.  We spent the week reviewing the scripture, along with the synonyms and the antonyms for attentive.  By the end of the week it was much easier for everyone to notice when they were slipping into being distracted or distracting others.  It was also easier for me to notice areas to praise them in when they were showing improvement.


We had planned to continue week 2 still working on Attentive.   However one of the children (who shall remain nameless) has become a bit loose with the truth, so we switched to Honesty with her.   We repeated the same process, and also worked on the 10 Commandments and “Thou shalt not lie.”  The other sibling chose to work on Diligent.

One thing I really appreciate about this product is that as soon as you see a weakness, you can quickly grab the resources (flashcard, coloring sheet, etc.) to begin immediately working in that area.  It’s nice to have the work already done for me so I can just implement it.  It’s also good to have Mom and Dad work on this project as well.  None of us have “arrived yet” and we grown ups need to work on our attitudes as well.

I was privileged to be able to participate in a conference call with Heather McMillan, the creator of We Choose Virtues.  During the call Heather really gave us a lot of insight into her heart for families and how that passion had led her to the development of this awesome tool.   I so enjoyed listening to her share her passion for parents to begin to take on the task of character training.   Heather was asked what “must have” items she would recommend for those on a tight budget, and they are as follows:

1. Flashcards ($14.99)
2. Virtue Clues  ($5.50)
3. Three Rules Poster ($6.00)
4.  Virtues Poster ($15.00)

We Choose Virtues also offers resource kits for church, homeschool and classroom settings!   Current projects in the works include a Spanish edition of We Choose Virtues as well as a new product for teens!   To be kept up to date about new products, you can sign up to receive WCV Blog updates.

Promo Savings Code

As a special gift to my readers, We Choose Virtues has offered a special promo code! To save 20% off on the Homeschool Kit (good through the end of April 2013 only), use code HOME20.  To save 15% off any order, anytime use the code Virtue15.   You will enter your savings code on the last page of checkout, just before entering your credit card information.


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