Friday, April 5, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up–Another Year Older

This week has been a whirlwind of activity!  Saturday I hosted a baby shower for my nephew and his wife and their twin girls.  Then we came home and colored Easter eggs until way late in the night. Below are a few samples of our art work…there were much, MUCH more.


Sunday of course was Easter and we celebrated the resurrection of Jesus.  Also on Sunday, our church plant team had our preview service!  It was so exciting to see all these months of plans and work come together!  Check our Church Downtown on Facebook!


Monday was April Fool’s Day, and you know we didn’t get pranked, nor did we prank anyone.  Such a waste.  Although I THOUGHT I was being pranked when my sister in law called to tell me the twins were being born (at 31 weeks).   Welcome babies Zoe and Chloe!  Between the two of them they weigh a little over 6 pounds.  Please pray that they continue to gain weight, stay strong and get to come home in a few weeks.


Tuesday I turned 45.  Go me.  I guess I’m officially “middle aged”, if I plan to live to 90.   My older brother, as usual came through with a totally awesome birthday cake with homemade frosting!  He also found this rocking Snoopy card, complete with music and flashing lights!



Wednesday Lindsey was scheduled to be the first day of Lindsey’s new homeschool basketball camp.  It was grand plan, right up until we loaded up in the van at 3:30 and “click click click”.  Dead battery.  The husband was already at work and basketball camp was 20 or more miles away.  Didn’t happen.  We did end up walking to Awana.  My goodness our city has a LOT of hills in it!  Thankfully the weather was nice, so it made for a lovely 60 minute walk.  We bummed a ride back home when Awana ended.

Speaking of Awana, Olivia FINALLY got through all of her Gold/Silver sections for her TNT book.  Now she can move on to her next level book.   Did you know that there is now an Awana homeschool program?  Another interesting thing that I learned this week, is that if you finish the 10 book (10 year) middle school thru high school program, you can earn a $2000 – $6000 college scholarship to some of the major Baptist based colleges in the U.S.

We had yet another freak snowstorm Thursday.  Snow and sleet, all at once, out of nowhere.  It made the drive back from ballet a little more interesting anyway.  The next day we hit 70 degrees, I kid you not.

Friday of course is co-op.  We’re quickly wrapping this year up.   I’ve signed up to teach two classes next year, but I haven’t heard yet if either (or both) of them have made the cut.  Olivia also had her monthly youth group meeting.  They had asked her to bring her tap shoes and teach them some dances.  She had SUCH a good time.  They also surprised her with a birthday cake.  Her birthday is later this month, but they won’t see her again until May. 

It’s been a really good week.  Academics are going well.  We have 30 days of school left in this year!   This week I mailed our standardized test results and Notice of Intent information packed off to the local school board.  We are officially noted as homeschooling for 2013-2014!

I hope you had a lovely week!   I’m linking up with the Weekly Wrap Up and with Homeschool Review.  

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