Friday, July 5, 2013

Snails and Sculpey

Book Jacket

Lindsey has a strange fondness for snails.  I can’t imagine what makes such a girly-girl like something so gross, but she loves them.  I picked up Snail Trail, another great book/puppet kit from our library covering the snail, just for her.  Olivia seemed far more interested, go figure.


This was another book that gave us some great topics for conversation.  We again discussed perspective, since the snail thought he’d been on such a long adventure and had only traveled a small distance, and how things can look so big and overwhelming if we look at them the wrong way.

We broke at the sculpey clay and the girls made their own little snails.  I was surprised that Olivia put much more time and effort into this task than Lindsey.  She used a toothpick to draw designs in the snails shell before we baked it.


After the snails were baked (eeeew), Olivia used a toothpick to paint the shell designs in a contrasting color.  Then she got a little funky with her colors.




Lindsey made a snail and bailed.


In her defense she had already started on a big project of her own when I pulled out the clay, so she had reason to rush.  It’s an under the sea drawing, complete with a sunken ship and treasure chest (and a sea snail).



We also spotted a few real snails in the flowers outside the sun porch.


Are there any cool creatures living in your plants?

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