Monday, August 26, 2013

A Look At Our Day


Here we are at the end of the 2013 Not-Back-to-School Blog Hop, and it’s time to look at A Day In the Life.  Now let me preface this with the fact than you’re probably not going to read any posts in this link up that have melt downs, science experiment blunders and ooze coming from body orifices….because we all want our lives to look better than that on  line.  So if you’re reading my post (obviously you are), or anyone else’s….remember we’re reporting on the good days, because we all have days that got to heck in a hand basket, so no feeling like you don’t measure up, ok?

Somewhere between 7:45 and 8:00am, I hear the sound of Lindsey’s feet hitting the floor and my day begins.  No I don’t get up before daylight and fix the husbands breakfast before he goes to work, not because I’m lazy but because I’m typically up past midnight every night trying to finish up life for the day.  I never really liked coffee, but after working 3rd shift for a year (and homeschooling and everything else) I learned to rely on it to get me up and keep me going.


I coerce Olivia from her blanket cocoon and we all hit the road for our early morning walk to and around our city park.   This counts as physical education and sometimes nature study.



An hour later and we’re back home.  The girls eat breakfast while I hit the shower.  Then it’s on to morning chores, this particular day was laundry day.


After laundry is sorted and the first load is in the washer, we sit down to do our morning Bible study together.  We then move on to spelling, language arts and history together.   Once those are completed the girls work independently on their math and reading.


By this time in our day, I’ve already fielded several phone calls about various church and homeschool group projects I’m working on and finished several loads of laundry.  We break for lunch somewhere around 12:30ish.  After our fluffenutter sandwiches the girls finish up their independent studies and take turns practicing piano.   (Lindsey goes to her actual piano lesson later in the day at 3:00 pm.)



The girls have a few hours of free time where they ride their bikes and play with the dog in the back yard.   Then buns are up, and it’s off to ballet for Nutcracker Boot Camp for an hour and a half.  Yes Nutcracker begins in August.


By 7:00 pm everyone’s home for the day and we finally sit down to have dinner    All of our meals are sit down, at the kitchen table meals, as a family.  And yes, by 7pm the kids are already in their pj’s.


Once dinner is over and the kitchen is cleaned up we all move to the sun porch to read our current read aloud book together.   The girls and I take turns reading (and the husband tries not to snore too loudly).




By 8:30 the girls are in bed.  By 9:00 the husband is in bed.  Me?  Well I’m just getting ready to tackle this….


That’s right, the never ending “to do list”.  Product reviews, outreach ministry, homeschool group, children's church and the list goes on.  I’ll be in bed by midnight, really, I promise.

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