Friday, August 2, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up–Downtime

This has been a good week for us. We haven’t had anything major going on, so we’ve been able to ride bikes and play outside more.

Lindsey finished up her summer school work this week.  I decided to go ahead and print off something else for her for the next couple of weeks…the printer had other ideas, it died.   Yeah, not such great timing on that one considering all of their math and our history still needs to be printed off before school begins on August 19th.  I did find a place locally that works on printers, so I may run it over there on Monday morning.

The girls and I finished our summer reading program with the local library.  We turned in our last reading forms today and picked up our free books and last prizes.  Olivia had picked up a coupon for a free personal pan pizza last week, so we headed to Pizza Hut after the library.  The gal behind the counter told us they were all out of the personal pan crusts, and medium crusts (HOW DID THEY DO THAT?)…but that she’d give us a large 1 topping pan pizza free.  Then while we waited for it to bake she gave us all free drinks.  Such a nice gal!

We added a new family member to our household today.  We picked up our Fresh Air Child this afternoon.  The girls were instant friends and everyone seems happy.


It’s hard to believe that we’re in August already.  Seriously, where has the summer gone?  Today is the first Friday of the month, so Olivia went to youth group. Tom, Lindsey, Ty`Nique and I headed to the Frontier Culture Museum….all of the photos look like this.


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