Friday, November 29, 2013

Thanksgiving Week In Review

There is no “official” Weekly Wrap Up linky this week, but I still wanted to share some of our week with you.  Originally we’d planned a field trip to Jamestown for this week, but the weather didn’t cooperate.  We’ve had snow, sleet, rain and beautiful sunshine all mixed with 20 degree weather.

We started our week out with frigid temperatures and several hours of bell ringing for the Salvation Army.   We’d occasionally do some caroling, and the girls did a lot of tap dancing to help stay warm.   Apparently it was a good combination as we had a lot of compliments on the entertainment.

Christmas 2013 001

I made the mistake of purchasing the girls some of those little rubber bands for the Rainbow Loom (without the loom).   The girls have been creating all kinds of things using the bands and their crochet hooks.

Hello Fresh 008

I’ve been working on a product review (coming next week) that I think you’ll like.   Here’s a teaser for you.

Thanksgiving 2013 018

We spent Thanksgiving Day with my family.   It’s good to get together with my brothers and their families.   The girls had a wonderful time goofing off with their cousin Harlie.

Thanksgiving 2013 005

I’ve also worked on fleshing out our next 6 weeks of school work.  We’ll be focusing on the Revolutionary War.  We’ll also be heading into stage week for Nutcracker, so we may have to lighten the load week after next.

I hope you and your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration.   Enjoy those left overs and stay way from the crazy shopping centers!

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