Friday, November 8, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up–The One Where We Did Stuff

I’m running out of catchy titles for my wrap ups, can you tell?   We did lots of stuff, so it’s an accurate title, albeit corny.

Monday we began our part 2 of our Early Settlements unit.   We’re learning about Plymouth Plantation and all things “Pilgrim”.  To start out our unit we both girls made their own Mayflower.   These are the Party Pilgrims, with their wild ships.

Service Projects 005

Tuesday evening after ballet, Lindsey had basketball team evaluations.  She’s so excited about playing ball again this year for Upward Sports.  The season doesn’t start until January, but she’s raring to go!   Olivia will be giving cheerleading a shot as well.   I can’t begin to express how stunned I am by this turn of events. 

Wednesday Olivia worked on her baking skills while making muffins for a service project.  It was pure torture having warm chocolate chip muffins in the house and not getting to have any!   The girls went to Awana (along with the muffins) while I went grocery shopping.

Service Projects 014

Thursday we finished up our Jr. Analytical Grammar program.   I say finished because we completed the 11 units.  However we’ll be revisiting those 11 units over the remainder of the school year so the information is retained.  After lessons were finished we headed out for a field trip to a local ministry that supplies various goods (clothing, medical equipment, books, office supplies etc.) to missionaries around the world.   We helped to sort and pack clothing headed for Liberia, then we were off to ballet again.

Service Projects 022

Friday was back to co-op, and also “school photo” day.  I can’t wait to get new photos for my sidebar!More ballet in the evening, followed by shopping downtown during the “Sparkles & Sweets” event.  

I hope you all had a great week!  Be sure to visit the Weekly Wrap Up and link up!

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