Monday, December 16, 2013

Udderly Smooth–Product Review

Winter has officially set in here in Virginia.  With winter comes dry skin, chapped hands and lips.    I was really happy to receive a box of products from Udderly Smooth to review!

Christmas 2013 010

I received the following products:

- a 4 oz. tube of hand cream ($2.75)
- a 2 oz. tube of hand cream ($1.75)
- a 12 oz. jar of body cream ($5.75)
- an 8 oz. jar of shea butter foot cream ($6.50)
- sample packets

One issue I deal with (as we get all up close and personal here) is dry, cracked feet.   The culprit being that I go barefooted, all the time.  Even in the winter I’ve been known to go outside without shoes.    A second issue is that we have hard wood floors….have you ever put lotion on your feet and tried to walk on hard wood floors?  It’s a death trap I tell you!   Thankfully!  The Udderly Smooth Foot Cream with Shea-Butter absorbs quickly, but doesn’t make my feet greasy or slippery.  SCORE!

My husband confiscated the tube of hand cream.  His hands are dry and cracked from working, and he likes the non-greasy feel, and the fact that it doesn’t smell “girly” like most hand lotion.

Overall, we’ve been pleased with this product.  It’s worked well both us and doesn’t have a negative impact on Lindsey’s sensitive skin (not an easy task).  I’ve even used the body lotion on my face and it seems to respond really well.

You can order Udderly Smooth directly from the manufacturers, OR you can easily pick it up at at stores like Wal-Mart, Dollar General,  Kroger, Weis and CVS to name a few. 

If you’d like to see what others think of this product, check out the post on Mosaic Reviews.

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