Friday, January 24, 2014

Weekly Wrap Up–Break Week

I’m loving our 6 weeks on, 1 week off schedule this year.   This was our break week, which happened to coincide with our biggest snow fall of the year.  All the extra curricular activities were cancelled Tuesday and Wednesday evenings so it was a real stay at home kind of break.  The girls played in the snow with the dog a lot, although they were greatly disappointed in his lack of mushing skills.

Speaking of breaks, on Saturday I broke a tooth.  Thankfully it broke in a way that was repairable and also not painful.  This was a good thing, since the weather hindered my getting to a dentist until mid week.   It’s fixed and its all good, but gosh I hate that initial insertion of the numbing needle. 

Saturday was also Lindsey’s first basketball game of the year, and Olivia’s first cheerleading experience.  They both did really well.  Lindsey was the high scorer on her team this game and did an amazing job guarding kids a lot taller than her.

Upwards 2014 016

Upwards 2014 006

The girls and I had already made plans to do some crafting this week.  Since the temperatures were in the single digits most of the week, it was a great time to sit by the fire and craft, chat and watch the snow fall.




We made bead necklaces, Para cord necklaces and bracelets, friendship bracelets and those little melty bead thingies.   All of these were Christmas gifts from various family members….little do they know they’ll be receiving Christmas gifts made from these in December, grins.


I spent much of my free time building our next 6 week unit.  We’ll be focusing on the time between the American Revolution to just before the Civil War.  Lewis & Clark here we come!

Thursday was laundry and deep cleaning day.  The girls worked on laundry while I moved furniture and cleaned like wild.   Olivia is wearing my skirt from Ethiopia in this photo.  It was a gift and is WAY too small for me, but it fits her just right, except a bit long yet.


Friday of course is back to co-op.  We’re working on Treasure Island this month, so I took art supplies with me and we made our own treasure maps.

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  1. We loved Upward Basketball when we lived in an area where it was offered! Brings back memories!!! :)

    Do you school 6 weeks on and 1 week off through the summer, too?

    1. Hi Nicole! I started the 6 on/1off in the fall, so I'm not quite sure how the summer will look for us. Although we typically do math and reading all summer anyway.

  2. Lack of mushing skills - hilarious!!

    1. Oh it was funny to watch. They hooked him to the sled and yelled "MUSH!" and he sat down and looked at them as if to say "Um, no, not happening."

  3. We started the 6 week on / 1 week off in the fall too and are definitely enjoying it. We look forward to our one week off. Sometimes I'm tempted to do a few schooly things during that week off, but I know it defeats the purpose of the schedule.

    1. I'm the same way Christy! I have to resist the urge to make them do something schooly on those days too.


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