Thursday, March 20, 2014

One Homeschool Day–March Edition

This month I’m sharing a typical Wednesday in our world.   This has been our one unchanging day for the last 6 years.

One Homeschool Day March

The husband of course is up and out the door early.  I slept in until almost 8am.  Then I got up and moved out to the sun porch for my morning quiet time.  The fresh flowers add a nice touch to the morning.  These did not come out of our snow covered garden, but rather are from the girls ballet performances last weekend.

Lindsey is my early riser, and was up by 8:30 and I nudged Olivia out of her bed shortly there after.   We aren’t big on breakfast early in the mornings.  So, this mornings breakfast for them was warm chocolate milk (gag).


Once the morning routine and chores are completed we get started on our academics.  Both girls tackled handwriting first to give their brains a little extra wakeup time.


Per Olivia’s request, we have moved math to the front of our day, instead of the end of the day.  This seems to have been a good move for everyone.   Olivia works independently on her math while I work with Lindsey.  Below is a rare occasion, ME in a photo.



Once both girls have finished their math we move to spelling drills and our Word Roots.   No photo was taken, my bad.

We’re studying the Civil War in history.  Today’s lesson was about the weapons that were used during the war.  We did some oral reading and the girls worked on items to add to their lapbooks.



At 11:30am we took a break to go run errands. We ran by the library and bank first and then headed to the church clothes closet to drop off donations we’ve been collecting.  That’s a LOT of collecting right there.


After running our errands we came home and had a warm bowl of soup for lunch.  The girls then moved on to their independent work while I worked on some housework.

Lindsey is typically the first to get finished with her independent work.  Piano is always the last thing on her list to do each day, so I know she’s finishing up when I hear her start playing a tune.


This is usually where Lindsey’s day starts to be more fun.  She is incredibly imaginative and you’ll find her reenacting things she has learned or read about.  Today I stumbled across her as she tried to rock her baby to sleep…they were waiting for her “husband” to return from the war.   A bit later, she’d taken up her own weapon and moved to the front lines.


Olivia prefers to do her independent studies in her room.  She’s pretty good about staying on task, but does get quite comfy while working.  Piano is usually last on her list too.  She’s a more advanced pianist, and I love to listen to her play.


Once all of the school work is completed the girls will often play together, or go out and romp with the dog.  However, today Olivia worked on  some clothing for her stuffed animals, and Lindsey worked on the daily Sudoku puzzle in the paper.


By 4pm, the husband has arrived home and we get ready for our family meal time.   Today I’ve fixed fried pork loin, baked sweet potato fries and a nice salad.  Looks good, huh?


As you can see below, Olivia doesn’t eat salad or sweet potatoes, so I’ve also included corn for her.


After dinner we have a 90 minute window for everyone to talk, read the paper and relax for a while.  Then it’s out the door to Awana for the girls.


I drop the girls off at Awana, and then I head to the grocery store for my weekly shopping.  I find that Wednesday night isn’t very crowded and I can usually find meats on clearance.   The hubby has praise team practice on Wednesdays as well, so we’re all in and out at different times throughout the evening.

By 8:30 the kids are in bed.  By 10pm the husband is headed to bed.  At 11pm, I’m finishing up this post so it’ll be ready to go live tomorrow. 

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  1. What a sweet, peaceful day. I love how your daughter took care of her "baby" while waiting for her "husband" to come home from the war. (I hope he made it!)

  2. I think the "husband" may be missing in action or worse...Lindsey and the "baby" have been somber. This could go on for a while, and out of the blue one day she'll shout something like "Husband, you're alive!" and run to embrace him. She's funny like that.

  3. It was fun to read about your day! I love when learning spills over into their play. Reading your post reminded me I need to get my next two children started in piano. The things I keep forgetting could fill a list a mile long.... Dinner looks yummy - and I have some eaters who would have plates like Olivia's. Thanks for linking up!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I know your week has been hectic.

  4. I cannot help but agree with your (gag) about the warm chocolate milk lol. But then again my kids like hot tang, a leftover from my childhood before I was allowed coffee, in the morning to get them going and dry cereal with no milk ... which they then proceed to snack on for about two hours.

    1. Hot Tang, yuck!! We had Tang a lot as kids too, but it was room temperature I guess.

  5. That sounds like such a pleasant day! We just studied the Civil War in the fall and there's a lot of great playacting to be had from it.


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