Friday, April 18, 2014

Weekly Wrap Up–Holy Week

Happy Good Friday!   I hope you’ve had a good week and have had the opportunity to contemplate all that this week entails as we head up to Resurrection Sunday!

Monday we headed to the orthodontist for Olivia to finally get braces.  She has been counting down the days as if she were going to Disneyworld or something.  In honor of Easter she picked a lovely pattern of light lilac and neon pink braces…they are lovely in person but the color doesn’t show up in the photo.   Can you tell she’s happy?


Tuesday we were supposed to go on an outdoor field trip.  However we had horrible storms and several inches of rain falling throughout the day.  We opted to stay inside, safe and dry and work on wrapping up our Civil War lapbooks.



Speaking of Civil War, we went on a wondeful field trip this past Saturday to the American Civil War Museum in Richmond, Virginia.

Trefelgar Field Trip 080
Wednesday was a normal day, with the exception of no Awana because of spring break.    We finished up math and spelling early in the morning and then worked on end of year projects for co-op.

Thursday was our monthly Activity Day with our local homeschool group. Since it’s Olivia’s birthday month, I volunteered to make snack for Olivia’s class.  I baked cupcakes and took soda.  Yes, lets sugar them up and send them home!

Today, Friday, is of course a holiday.  My husband works for the only factory I’ve ever known to give Good Friday as a holiday.  Since he was off we went out to have fun together as a family.  I’m sure photos will follow in the next few days.

Happy Resurrection Weekend!  I pray that God makes Himself known to each of you in a new way!

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