Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Visiting Stonewall Jackson–Field Trip

Continuing on in our Civil War Unit, we traveled to beautiful Lexington Virginia to learn more about “Stonewall” Jackson.   Lexington is a lovely, quaint little town with lots to see and do. We’ll have to go back when we have a bit more time to explore.  Today our trip included a tour of the Stonewall Jackson House, the Virginia Military Institute Museum and the Stonewall Jackson Memorial Cemetery.

Our first stop was the Stonewall Jackson House.  You are not allowed to take photos inside, so here are photos from the back of the home, the carriage house, garden and the “necessary”.




Virginia Military Institute (VMI) was next on our trip.  We took a tour of the grounds and visited the onsite museum.   Stonewall Jackson’s horse “Little Sorrell” is on display inside the museum, and there’s also an extensive weaponry museum on site.  On a side note, the cadets that we encountered today were incredibly polite and well mannered.



The last stop on our excursion was the Stonewall Jackson Memorial Cemetery.  


There is a monument in the center of the cemetery, and Stonewall and his family (both wives, an infant, his adult daughter and her husband and sons) are buried there. Although we poked around a bit and found their original burial plots.




Thanks for coming along with us on what “may” be our last Civil War field trip.   (This is subject to change.)

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