Friday, July 11, 2014

Weekly Wrap Up–Demolition Week

I’m continuing to update my kitchen.  Last week I stripped all of that hideous wall paper off.  This week I took out a door and put in a wall.  I was a little hesitant about it to be honest, but I figured worse case scenario is I’d have to call my father in law to come fix my disaster.  It doesn’t look like Bob Villa did the work, but it looks good.   Below is a before and after (it still needs to have joint compound put on and primer, but that’ll happen next week).


Before I started using the skill saw I reviewed emergency procedures with Olivia…just in case something went ghastly awry.   I asked “if something goes wrong and I get hurt, what do you do?”   “Remain calm, call 911 and don’t let Lindsey see what’s happening.”  EXACTLY!….followed by “But if there’s a lot of blood, I might puke before I can get to any of that.”   Well, ok, thanks for the honesty.

We finally got to the pool this week!  Our weather has been wonky, and our days have been hectic, and it’s just made it hard to get in a swim.  Thankful to finally get in the water a bit!

The girls are still working on their writing and reading for the summer.  Lindsey continues to work on her math facts and is finally making progress.   All of our curriculum is here and I’m working on schedules and lesson plans.   However, I might add Latin back in this year, so I’m still looking at that purchase.

Friday was Free Fun Day.   We had free lunch courtesy of Chick-fila for dressing up like cows, we hit every 7-11 in the area for free Slurpee's and then we watched a double header baseball game, using free tickets.  SCORE!



I hope you’ve all had a fun week.   Summer is flying by for us all!

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