Friday, October 17, 2014

Weekly Wrap Up–The One With All the Rain

The monsoon’s set in over this past weekend and it POURED every day until Thursday.   It was SO INCREDIBLY nice to see the sunshine again.   We’ve had flooding, and tornadoes, very out of character for our area this time of year.   Based on all that rain, our field trip was cancelled until I find a hole in the schedule to plug it back in.

On Tuesday I was thrilled to have my friend Jolanthe from Homeschool Creations  come and speak at my homeschool support group meeting.   It’s great getting to spend time with old friends (as in we’ve known each other for about 12 years, not that EITHER of us is old, ahem.)   You’d think I’d have take a photo…but nooooo.

Thursday was our Activity Day with our support group.  Isn’t this a great looking group of kids (and Flat Travelers)?


Science:    We have entered the world of crystals and polymers.   We had a few fun experiments, one of which was creating bouncy balls out of  some around the house items.



We also learned about how polymers mold around items.   The skewer through he inflated balloon was pretty neat.   The girls were sure it would pop when we began pushing the skewer through.  They were stunned to see that the balloon then sealed itself around the skewer keeping the air inside.


Our final experiment of the week was seeing what happens when Styrofoam comes in contact with acetone.


Math:   Olivia is working with more geometry now, so we’ve begun using the geo-boards quite often.


Language Arts:   We’re just plugging along on this one.  Both girls are really enjoying their LLATL courses.   They’re also adding lots of extra reading, of their own choosing (score!).

History:   Our rained out field trip was to be our big history item for the week.  Based on it being cancelled, we had a history free week, with the exception of what the girls are reading about.

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  1. how fun to have Jolanthe speak! I'm terrified of Borax! I need to get over it - I have boys and they want to make things!

    1. Be brave! Enter the world of Borax. Wear gloves if it makes you feel better.

  2. What a fun experiment week. I need to get better with this☺️ Looks like a great week

    1. I'm finding that the experiments really are a lot of fun.


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