Friday, October 24, 2014

Weekly Wrap Up–The Sick One

At the end of last week, poor Lindsey developed a really bad headache, which we attributed to over exertion at ballet and lack of water intake. By midnight of the same night she had a high fever and still the killer headache, nothing else.   The situation deteriorated over night, and a quick trip to the doctor on Friday showed that she had strep, even though she had no sore throat.   This was one of the longest, most miserable weekends I’ve had in years!  By Monday the fever was gone, but the headache persisted.

We found that laying down was better than being upright, and cold, tight compresses on the head helped too.   This was how most of the early week was spent for this one.


Thankfully by midweek the wee one was feeling better and was able to rejoin us in our lessons.  She’s still been light on food intake and activity, but I think we’re on the upswing now.

Science:   This week we learned about acids and bases and chemical reactions.   We worked on a few fun experiments along the way.

We bundled up and went to the park to collect water samples from the fish pond, lake and the little stream that runs through the park.  We tested the pH levels in each of these areas.




Once we finished testing the waters, and feeding the swans, we headed back home to test vinegar and lemon juice.  To prove that acids are sour, I had the girls taste the undiluted lemon juice (I can’t believe they fell for that!).


We determined that the fish pond and lake were alkaline, the stream was neutral and of course the vinegar and lemon juice are acidic (snicker).


We also worked with chemical reactions…Mentos and Diet Coke.  Olivia just barely got out of the way on this one (rats.)


Math:   Olivia is loving geometry.   She really likes working with the little 3-d shapes I found over the summer.   These really do help her visualize the concepts much better, and she’s a hands on learner.  This was a lighter week for Lindsey, and she got to review making change (and yes she’s doing her work in her night gown and bath robe).


History:  We spent time on the sofa reading a few books about the Industrial Revolution.  Next week we move on to inventors and their gizmos.

That’s about it for the week.   I hope all is well in your home!

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