Friday, January 16, 2015

Weekly Wrap Up–The Painful One

Happy Friday!  Doesn’t this drawing  just make you smile?  I found it on the white board Thursday morning, and I got quite the chuckle.


In addition to our regular crazy schedule, Tuesday night was our homeschool support group meeting.   I noticed when I arrived that the parking lot lights weren’t on, but didn’t really think a great deal about it.  We had horribly low attendance and I’m thinking people pulled in, saw the lights out and thought it wasn’t happening.  Anyway, at 8:30pm I’ve finished up and was heading out the door into a pitch black parking lot.   As I walked out the door, I’m scanning the area out by the van to make sure there was nobody lurking in the dark.

I apparently SHOULD have been paying far more attention to myself.  I didn’t see the little cement strip at the edge of the handicap parking space.  I was in full stride, with my hands full.   Then everything went into slow motion as I started stumbling, clawing at the air trying to regain my footing.  It didn’t happen.   I found myself splattered out in the middle of the parking lot, arms and legs akimbo.

Funny how no matter how old we get, or how bad we’re hurt, our first response is to jump up and look around to make sure nobody saw us fall, even in the pitch dark…like anyone could have seen it, ahem.

I messaged one of my gal pals and said “I think I just broke my freaking arm”.   Thankfully it was just jammed, and strained and semi-functional by the following day. The layers of skin that came off on the asphalt are now starting to heal.  The knee and back are slowing getting back to normal.     Not one of my more graceful moments.  Stop laughing.

Moving on to academics, ahem.

Science:  We’ve finished the chemistry part of our course and are now working on physics.  This week we learned about centripetal force.  Although you can’t see it well, in the photo below Olivia is watching a penny zoom around the inside edge of the balloon she’s holding.


We also learned about friction, traction, drag and aerodynamics.   In doing so, we built several different styles of paper airplanes and tested out the different designs to see how well they did.  If you look at each of the next three photos, you’ll see several airplanes in flight.



History:  We focused on weaponry of WWI this week.  The U-boat, tank, zeppelins, gas attacks and Flying Aces were the big stories.   Imagine the girls shock to learn that the Red Baron, of Snoopy fame was a real person with a record of over 80 enemy planes shot down.

Math:  Something has finally clicked with Lindsey and multiplication.   She’s able to mentally do so much more now than before our Christmas break.  Not sure what flipped the switch but so glad we’re making progress.

Language Arts:  Both girls have moved into next to last book study.  Lindsey is reading about Benjamin Franklin while Olivia is reading Big Red.  They are both gaining a better understanding of how to study a book and read for comprehension, but also their grammar skills are really starting to kick it up a notch.

Writing:  Funny thing, now that Olivia’s writing curriculum has her writing reports and essays on historical figures, she’s spending hours on her writing assignments.   She’s currently working on a report about Amelia Earhart. The report was supposed to be 300 words, she’s currently working on her 6th page (front and back). 

Basketball and cheer are in week 2.   This weeks biggest skill stretch was trying to dribble between her legs….as you can see, the ball is almost as big as her stride, it’s not an easy task.


We had a little snow, a little freezing rain, and a lot of cold this week.  Thankfully we were all safe and warm inside as we watched the city school buses sliding by the house.

How was your week?

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  1. Sounds like an awesome week to me! <3<3<3

    1. Other than splattering myself on the asphalt, it was a really good week. Michelle's "smoothness" must be contagious.


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