Tuesday, February 23, 2016

HelpTeaching.com (TOS Review)

Today I'm sharing my family's experience using HelpTeaching.com.  For this particular review we used the Pro Plan which gives you Unlimited Online Tests, Unlimited Online Lessons (for up to 500 students) and the ability to create and save custom tests and worksheets, all for $24.95 a year!

The online lessons portion of the website is geared towards middle and high school students and focuses on math, science and English/language arts.  This is a self directed program that begins with a brief introduction, followed by embedded video's (both from HelpTeaching.com and other sources such as Khan Academy) and links to other free online resources.

***Just a heads up that both the English and math have specified common core standards aligned worksheets available.  I know this is a big turn off to some and a big plus for others, so I'll throw it out there early for both camps.***

Lindsey is technically 5th grade, but she's advanced in most areas so I used a lot of the 6th grade lessons with her.  We specifically worked on the middle school science lessons and also some language arts as well.

Olivia is technically 7th grade, but is also doing some high school work, so for her we focused mostly on the 7th and 8th grade math and science lessons.   I was happy to find that there were several lessons that correspond to where she is in her current science curriculum (layers of the atmosphere, weather maps, weather fronts and weathering to name a few).   Olivia was really excited about the virtual labs that accompany the lessons.   There are review questions available after the lesson (they can be printed or done online), and there is a final test as well (also printable and/or online).

 In addition to lessons, there is also a plethora of worksheets in a wide range of topics such as Arts, Early Education, English Language Arts, Life Skills, Math, Physical Education, Science, Seasonal/Holidays, Social Studies and Study Skills/Strategies.   Due to a malfunction printer, I was not able to print off any of these for my kids, but did look through them and found some pretty cool things like Ballet Positions and Basics, Ballet Terms and Greek Architecture to name a few.
The Test Maker is another handy, easy to use feature.   Give your test a name (ex. Major World War II Battles), search the library for questions or write your own then save and print.   Another great feature is you can invite students to take the test online by sending them and email from the site (great for co-op classes).

If your students are big on games, there is also a pretty nifty Word Bingo Generator and Word Search Generator, that are super easy to use.  Simply name your game, list your words and let the generator do its thing.  All you have to do is save and print!
I do want to point out that this program is more of a supplemental site.  It does not have a full year's worth of curriculum in any one subject, but has great resources to add to and help with what you're already working on.   The ability to create worksheets, tests and games and then email and assign those to your co-op students is a huge plus, but don't expect this to be the only item you'll need for the year.

If you'd like to get other opinions on this product, please check our our review link up.
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