Friday, March 4, 2016

Weekly Wrap Up - Hello March

March showed up blustery here in Virginia this week.   The winds have been wicked, but the sun has been shining a great deal.    The sunshine has prompted me to change out my garden flags, removing the winter look and replacing them with thoughts of spring.  I was hoping that I didn't just jinx us all!   We won't even mention blanket of snow that fell last night into this morning, ahem.

We're slowing finishing up various subjects in our academic year.  Geography and typing/keyboarding wrapped up, and Lindsey's science is almost done as well.  This is when we start to double up on other subjects to finish out the year early.  Pre-algebra is one that I don't think we'll be doubling up on though. 

We are in our next to last week of basketball.   Volleyball will be next on our agenda.   At ballet, the girls are preparing for their International Dance Acclaim program the weekend of March 18-19, and then it's full steam ahead to spring recital.  This year the studio is performing Alice in Wonderland.

Our homeschool group is having the annual talent show in April.   Olivia's ballet instructor is choreographing a dance to the Scottish version of Fight Song.  I'm hoping we pull this together and that I can get a video to share with you.

Here is a sneak peak at a new product that arrived this week for review.

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  1. We're wrapping up too and I can't say I ever thought to mention to the boys that they could double up lessons to end even sooner! I bet they'd be thrilled.

    1. Anything to move us closer to summer break!


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