Friday, July 22, 2016

Weekly Wrap Up - Healthy Changes

Ok ya'll, we finally did it, we got a family membership to the YMCA!  I've been looking at it and trying to work it into the budget for a while now.   Then, last week the husbands work gave us incentive, as in they waive the sign up fee ($100 savings) and give you a 15% per month discount AND, if you go 8 times in a month, the following month you get reimbursed 50% of the cost.   Yeah, we're SO doing this. I've been there 5 times this week, and I've signed both girls up for 4 sessions each with a personal trainer (only $20).   I have some major weight to lose, and of course I'll count this as a P.E. credit for the girls as well.    Cheer us on!

Olivia went to a 2 hour wood working workshop at the museum on Tuesday and worked a full day on Thursday.  Unfortunately, she also had her first accident with her pocket knife on Thursday, when the knife folded up on her and caught her middle finger.   Thankfully, I've told her many times that if that ever were to happen, NEVER pull your finger out, but be calm and open the knife back up.   Had she not remembered that, it could have been a really serious cut.   She learned that when you're working in 100+ degrees, you bleed a lot more freely than normal, and that direct pressure really does help slow the bleeding.

Like much of the country we're sweltering here in Virginia.   My gardens are trying their best to keep hanging on.   We've had zucchini in mass, but the tomatoes are slow going.   I've focused my watering efforts on the veggies more than my extensive flower gardens, but I do have a photo or two to share.

I found a golden zucchini variety this year.   They taste just the same as the green, but are so much easier to spot among the foliage, see? 

The fence line in the garden is dwarfed by the 8ft. tall sunflowers.  Even with our 6ft privacy fence around the yard, these beauties can be seen from all ends of the neighborhood.

Be sure to pop over and check out my review of Beric the Briton.   We REALLY enjoy these audio dramas a great deal!

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  1. What a great opportunity you have at the YMCA. Have fun. It least it has A/C so working out won't be so bad. My power walking is suffering in this heat. We are down to going to the mall a few times a week to power walk.
    Blessings, Dawn


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