Friday, August 12, 2016

Weekly Wrap Up - Back to School

Olivia had a great time last week at the museum sleep over.   I was able to pilfer a few photos to share with you.  Here's the whole group, in front of the the English farm.   This is where the girls spent the night.  Those not in costume are teens who are assigned to either the Native American site, or the African site, neither of which have costumes due to the fact that those folks just really didn't wear a great deal back then, ahem.

Here are a few of the kids at the 1720's settlement working on the evening meal.   Olivia is the one in the green shirt on the left.

At church on Sunday, we had "promotion Sunday".   It's where the rising 6th graders officially move up to the youth group.   Lindsey is happy to be moving up, but was working in the nursery Sunday, so she will officially be in youth next week.   She's already marking her calendar for planned events, so I'm pretty sure she's excited, grins.

In preparation for the upcoming school week, and Lindsey's stepping into medieval history, we took a little field trip.   We visited the American Shakespeare Theatre and watched a live production of "Much Ado About Nothing" and   "King John".   Isn't the inside of the playhouse wonderful??

As of last week I was undecided as to when we were officially starting back to school.   On Saturday I made the executive decision to start back three days this week (Olivia is working at the museum the other 2 days).  We went with M/W/F for our first week.

Day 1 was a success!  We didn't work on Latin or spelling, but all of our other courses were on the agenda.   I was so happy to hear Olivia say that she really liked her science curriculum, and algebra went amazingly smooth.   Lindsey was ok with her heavier work load although she found her reading assignment of "Ivanhoe" and "Carry on Mr. Bowditch" a bit daunting.   Her computer science was a lot less involved than I'd anticipated, so we'll be adding something else.

Lastly, Olivia decided she no longer wanted blond hair, so we made a trip to Sally's and bought stuff.   Yes, stuff, because I know less than nothing about coloring hair.   Youtube is a great help though, so I knew to buy a protein filler and a golden brown.  Then I uttered a prayer that sounded like this "Dear God, PPPLEEEAAASSEEE don't let her end up with green hair!"    It turned our pretty good.  In fact, it turned out the exact same color as her sister's hair!

We've been getting up between 7-7:30 and heading to the gym.   I had thought this would throw our lessons behind, but I find that it's actually getting everyone's blood flowing and brains engaged, and our school work is going much quicker than in past years.

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  1. Glad your first week back was good.
    Blessings, Dawn

    1. Me too!! I wasn't really ready for it, but I feel like it's going to be much smoother than I'd anticipated!

  2. Her hair looks great! I'm glad the time at the gym is productive. I can't imagine being up that early and in public :-)

    1. Being up and in public that early has it's of which is that very people are up that early to see how pitiful I look, grins.

  3. What a great idea to add exercise before school! Sounds like a wonderful week.

    1. It's really working well for us all. I find we're all getting a lot more done, and the kids are less groggy when we start our school work.


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