Friday, September 16, 2016

Weekly Wrap Up - The One With Give Aways!

This has been an incredibly hectic week here in our house.   We've had somewhere to be every single day, some days with more than one place to be.    In addition to our already overly full normal life, the girls also took on the responsibility of dog sitting three dogs.  This meant three times a day we had to load up and drive across town to walk, water, feed and clean up after the dogs.  The girls now see why we don't have inside pets.

Our once a month, small co-op had it's first meeting this week.   I teach 2 of the 3 classes.  We learned about Japan (geography and culture study) in my 1st class.  Then in the art class, I taught the kids how to draw and paint a Japanese goldfish.   The class has an age range from 1st grade through 9th, so I had to get a feel for where everyone's ability level was.   I'd worried that I didn't have enough material for the cultures class, but come to find out I ran out of time...but not before I broke out the sushi.  I wish I'd taken the camera with me!  Our third class is ASL, but due to a scheduling conflict that got bumped off the class list this week.

The girls also started back to their weekly IEW writing group this week.   In addition to regular writing, the class will be adding poetry time this year.   Olivia is really looking forward to the poetry.  Lindsey not so much.

Oh, and the girls had their first volleyball games this past weekend.   Olivia's team was victorious in all three of their games (and she had some amazing serves).  Lindsey's team (the one I coach) won only one of three.   They had a great time, and are really enjoying the sport and their new sports program.  

I have to admit, even though it was a successful week, I'm glad it's over.   I'm hoping to get a better grip on our schedule...soon...I hope, ahem.

I have two give aways going on this week.   The first is a copy of the 6-week Bible study entitled I Am Found.  The second book is at 10 week study on the book of Acts entitled An Unexplainable Life.   Be sure to hop over (using the links provided in this paragraph) and sign up for a chance to win.

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  1. Replies
    1. I think stressful is a good description. Just too many things happening all at once, but I'm glad we have the week behind us now.

  2. Great giveaways! Glad your girls enjoyed volleyball. Volleyball is a sport that I tried to get my kids interested in but it didn't catch on. However, they liked watching it on the Olympics.

    1. I played volleyball in high school, so I was really glad to see that they both wanted to give it a try. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. What a busy week. The girls look great in their volleyball outfits.
    Blessings, Dawn


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