Friday, September 23, 2016

Weekly Wrap Up - Vo-Tech Week

While it's often hard to tell what someone may "be when they grow up", sometimes it's very obvious to see.    Olivia, as I've said before, loves all things animals and history, so I've been looking at ways to focus on those areas in her academics.   While I do plan to continue homeschooling, I'm not above looking into vo-tech to add to what we're already doing.   This week, Olivia attended our local vo-tech for a two day evaluation and skills assessment.

Not surprisingly, veterinarian technician was here #1 pick, and she scored a 99 on that battery of tests.  Her number 2 pick was policeman and she scored 92 in that grouping.   The policeman pick really surprised me, until she pointed out "I could be in the K-9 unit".   The counselor was very helpful and I should have the reports back by the end of the week.   The issues is we live in the city, not the county.   Apparently the county doesn't have a problem with homeschooled students attending the vo-tech, but city schools do.   Once I get the reports, I have to call the school here and see what their deal is.

The weather here in Virginia has begun to mellow out.   The days aren't nearly as hot and humid, and the nights are downright chilly.   The leaves are beginning to change color, but due to the dry conditions, I don't know that they will be as vibrant in color this year.  None the less, I'm looking forward to getting outdoors more.
If you are looking for a fun new game to add to your families collection, check out my review of Tenzi. We've had SO much fun playing this game, and there are so many ways to play that it can be different every time you play, and truthfully, who wouldn't want to see these expressions on your families faces every now and then?

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  1. Those are wonderful scores in her testing and wonderful choices that she's made! I'm looking forward to finding out what she decides to do!


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