Friday, January 20, 2017

Weekly Wrap Up - Shakespeare, History and Art

Over the weekend, the girls youth group at church had their annual all night event.  We dropped them off at 5:30pm on Saturday and retrieved them after church on Sunday.   Between going to an indoor jump park, laser tag, pillow fights and a great speaker and praise band these kids were worn out, but in a great way.   While they were gone, Tom and I traveled out to the American Shakespeare Center and watched the opening night of the Merchant of Venice.     I LOVED the show!

Here are my little warriors during the laser tag...they got killed, a.lot.

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Last week, I mentioned that Olivia was gathering information to prepare to create an art project for a local festival poster contest.   This week she sat down with her pile of books and sketched a lovely rainbow trout, then used watercolors to add color.   She spend a great deal of time on the whole project, and we were all very pleased with how it turned out.  The colors in the finished product look more natural in person, I just could not get a good lighting situation no matter what I did.
Lindsey is working on a new history product for a review we're working on.   Let me say, my non history lover is really liking this program!  Here's a sneak peek!
The girls have been steadily chugging through their academic load.  I have to say that I'm really proud of the fact that I can be out of the house for meetings/appointments during the day and know that when I return they will have actually done their work (even if they do consume a great deal of snack food).

I spent the better part of Tuesday in various meetings.  The most time consuming being a planning meeting for next year's co-op.   It's going to be MUCH different than this year, but I won't share any spoilers yet since some of the members are readers, grins.

We've had some nice weather this week.   It's been warm and sunny for two days straight, which I know won't last long, but it's been lovely none the less.   I love to sit in the sunporch and see the sunshine streaming in through the windows while lessons are being worked on.

I know it's inauguration week and everyone is studying, watching, predicting... but really, we just didn't.   Not because I don't think it's important, but to the contrary I couldn't stand to see the disrespect being shown, and too because well, we don't have cable tv and our internet is slow.   I am super proud of our local military academy as they will be marching in the inauguration parade!

Olivia has her final JLS party at the museum tonight.  It's hard to believe her two year stretch has ended.   I know she'll miss it a great deal.   She's waiting to turn 16 so she can be a regular volunteer.  In the meanwhile, we'll prepare Lindsey to apply in the fall.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. That trout picture looks amazing! Very true to life I think.

  2. The trout is lovely.

    And we meant to watch the inauguration--even checked up on it twice that morning, and then missed it completely!

    I understand about the hatefulness. I'm boggled by it, too. It seems we should be pulling together to work for good instead of nurturing animosity.


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