Friday, February 3, 2017

Weekly Wrap Up - February...Seriously?

It seems like we were just celebrating the holidays, and now poof, February.    I'm continually in awe of how quickly time is moving anymore.    Olivia will be turning fourteen soon, and with her accelerated high school schedule, I'm realizing that she's rapidly closing in on graduation and community college.   I just try not to think about THAT too much, even though I'm planning and making sure she's ready academically, and also spiritually sound and mature enough to handle those things.

We've managed to make it to the gym every day this week!   This is the first time that's happened in a while, and probably the last for a while as next week I have several appointments in the mornings, and I'm not a huge fan of the gym in the evening.   I did make a new friend this week while we were here.   I struck up a conversation with a gal on the treadmill next to me,  and it turns out she's a homeschool mom and our families came from the same small town and church affiliation when we were growing up.  It really is a small world!

This has been another pretty standard week in the homeschooling realm.   Piano on Monday, basketball Wednesday and then IEW on Friday afternoon are our only variations in a normal week.     We did go over to the lake on Thursday so Olivia could take some photos for the biome study she's working on in geography.

Lindsey is still working through the Middle Ages and enjoying her newest review product.
Lindsey, who normally just plows ahead in her school work, hit a bump this week.  Metric conversions were stressing her out.  I finally realized that the issue was, that while she understood the concept of moving the decimal when converting, she had no clue how big a gram was.   I dug around my stash of educational goodies and finally found a set of weights that had a gram in it, and that changed the whole ball game for her.  Crisis averted, grins.

I've been working on a few big projects of my own.  I'm heading up one of the ministries at church and have been teaching a class there every Wednesday night, along with setting up an infrastructure.   I'm also working with another gal to turn our once a month co-op into a weekly, academically rigorous co-op, for the up coming year.   Now that I am getting those things under wraps, or at least under control, I can focus more on the blog and some ideas for new articles.

I hope you all have a great weekend!

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