Friday, June 9, 2017

Weekly Wrap Up - Summer Break Week 2

The things to do list is getting shorter!   This week I did the spring cleaning in the kitchen and the master bedroom, and the girls did the spring cleaning in their rooms.   We also got our end of year testing completed this week!   Lots of new check marks were added to my list!   Before I get on to the rest of my week, check out my black holly hock and little purple bell flower, too pretty!
Tuesday the girls and I met friends at the pool for an afternoon of swimming.  Either my sunblock  (level 50) failed terribly, or the chlorine level in the pool was too much for my skin.  Either way, the front, inside part of my legs, from ankle to above the knee burned almost to the point of blistering.  The inside of my left ankle was almost purple (and honestly a bit concerning).  My legs have been swollen and painful all week, but have finally started to ease up some.   I've been using coconut oil several times a day and that seems to have helped a great deal.

Wednesday the girls and I traveled out to see family and celebrate a birthday.  It was nice to have an afternoon with family with no rushing around.  Momma (who has dementia) noticed my legs right off and made a big to-do over it, in her own little gibberish language.  Funny how even in her current mental state, she knows when something's not right with her kids.

Thursday Olivia had volleyball practice.   Afterward I took the girls to get their new, short summer hair cuts.  Here are some before and after photos for each.  First up is Lindsey, she loves her sassy cut.
Next up is Olivia.  She has a fun cut, and there's just a hint of the pale green left on the bottom in the back.  The cut got all the old color, dead ends and frizz out, and gave life to her natural curl in the back.
Today (Friday) we have chiropractor appointments in the morning, then later this evening we're having our end of year co-op event.  It's a combination art show/foods of the nations we've studied event.  We thought it would be nice for grandparents to get invited to come see what the kids have worked on this year.  Hopefully I'll have photos to share next week, hopefully, ahem.

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  1. Very cute summer cuts! I found my skin burned and jut about blistered when we went to the beach a few weeks ago and I put on multiple coats of sunscreen too. My boys however, were just fine with the one coat we applied at home. I am still trying to figure out if I used a different brand or bottle than they did.

  2. What a lovely week. I am sorry you got so burned. That sounds so painful. We got our testing finished up and mailed back too.
    Blessings, Dawn

    1. Now the waiting for the results to come, and hoping there were not glitches. That one test is more stressful than the entire year combined.

  3. Sounds like you've been getting a lot done. Sunburn - yeowch!

    1. It's been productive, although the burn has slowed me down. It's still an angry red, but I'm hoping to get back to the gym this coming week.

  4. Sorry to hear about the sunburn - hope you're feeling better. Enjoyed seeing the haircut pictures too! Thanks for linking at Homeschool Highlights!


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