Sunday, March 15, 2009

Random Things

The plague has passed and we all seem to be well again, thank God!!   Lindsey is scheduled for surgery on April 7 for her tonsils and adenoids and hopefully we'll be done with doctors for a bit after that.   I had planned on not telling her until like the day before...mental note...never tell your sister-in-law something you don't want the kids to know.  Just sayin.

We've been looking at getting a new digital camera for some time.  Ours is ancient and has started a nasty habit of corrupting files after the photos have been taken and you've moved on to the next thing...thanks to that handy feature, we're really short on a LOT of great photos that I thought I had.  So anyway, I recently stumbled across a going out of business sale at the Office DePot in a nearby town...and low and behold the camera I wanted was there...and on sale...for 30% off.  Imagine my glee!!   Now fast forward 2 weeks and imagine my great dismay, now that the camera doesn't work, Office DePot is NOT doing returns and Kodak says I have to mail it in to them for investigation.   Yeah.....this is working out well.   

We did Olivia's yearly test and she did wonderful.   She scored well above average in reading and math.   I watched her while she took the test and had to chuckle at a few of her answers...I knew they were wrong according to the "book", but right in her world.   For example, one question read "When its cold at night I put extra ______ on at bedtime."   The answers to choose from were socks, blankets and pillows.  Obviously the answer they were looking for was blankets.   Olivia's answer was socks, because when it is cold, she wears socks to bed.  Right in her world, wrong on the test.

We bought lots of vegetable seeds this weekend so we can start planting our first little garden.  Tomorrow we'll work on planting seeds in little peat pots that will then be planted outside at the proper time.  I would say "and I'll post photos'...but did I mention that my new camera DOESN'T WORK??  I'm not bitter, much.

Oh, and we've applied to the local co-op.  I'm waiting anxiously to see if we made the cut and have been accepted this year.  Friday was the last day to apply, so I'm hoping to hear soon.   One wouldn't think it would be a hard thing to join a co-op...but apparently in these parts, its a hot commodity.

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