Thursday, March 5, 2009

This Too Shall Pass….Soon I Hope!

We've been dealing with various illnesses here since the week before Thanksgiving.  Quite honestly, I"m just tired of it all.  I've faired well through it all, because after all mom doesn't get sick right?!   Yeah so...woke up this morning with double pinkeye, a sore throat, bad cough, fever and chills.  But really, I'm fine...really.

So even though I'm in misery, my big concern is Olivia...she's had a bad cough and on again off again fever for 2 weeks.  Today she's super lethargic...ok she's only been awake for 30 minutes the entire day.  We have a doctors appointment for her at 2:15...I pray its not pneumonia.   Lindsey has an appointment with the ENT today about her latest round of tonsil issues.  It is going to be a long day.

On a positive note, the husband has finally agreed that the dog has got to go.  Thank God!!  Of course now we have my family and his family both wanting the dog...which will be good that the girls can at least see the dog on occasion.  But how do you decide which side of the family gets custody of the dog??  The sister-in-law wants to keep it as an indoor dog, which considering her size is good.  However, considering the fact that she refused to be house trained doesn't bode well for the house she rents.  My brother wants to keep the dog as an outdoor dog....but his outdoor dogs have all the comforts of home, heated dog boxes, water warmers on their water bowls and well....they don't ruin anyones carpet now do they?

We are planning to start our new school year this month.  This of course will depend on how well I can get and keep everyone.  Although, I do feel that a lot of the illnesses are dog related.  She arrived shortly before the plague hit.  So once she's gone, hopefully we'll see a vast improvement in health issues.

Flat Stella arrived back on U.S. soil recently.  She'd journeyed to South Africa, I can't wait for her to get home with her photos, I'm sure it was a wonderful trip.

So...thats about all the news I have for now. 

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