Sunday, June 28, 2009

Raising Baby (Birds That Is)

Today we visited my brother Nelson, and found out that this 40-something single male has become a proud a baby robin.  A recent storm knocked the entire nest and two babies to the ground.  Despite his gruff, tattooed exterior, my brother is really an old softy and he couldn't let the little helpless creatures just die.   Sadly, one died anyway, but the remaining little bird is thriving!   He is now able to fly for brief periods and will probably leave his new home soon.

The girls watched in awe as this big bear of a man cared for this little bird; finding food, then feeding and watering it by hand.   It was even more amazing to watch the little bird follow my brother through the yard from place to place. 

So today's "lesson" was about love and extending a hand to those in matter how small.

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