Saturday, June 27, 2009

Vacation Bible School

In our area, summer isn't complete without Vacation Bible School.  If you're lucky, your kids can attend several different themed VBS's over the summer.  This week, the girls attended their first VBS of the summer (and Lindsey's first EVER).

The church that hosts this particular program is awesome.  Their activities are held from 9am until noon for an entire week.   This allows time for all of us moms to run errands, shop and hang out together CHILDFREE!   So see, this is  beneficial for moms and kids alike.    Besides learning Bible stories and memory verses, each child comes away with a CD of all the songs, and usually a gift certificate to a good restaurant for a free kids meal (Chick-fil-a ROCKS!) .   Right about now, you may be asking what this has to do with homeschooling.   The answer simply is craft ideas.   Here are a few things they made this week that I thought would be worth passing on.

The theme was "Son Rock Kids Camp" so they crafts were all outdoorsy related.   The first, which I thought was cool was this lovely bear.   Heavy brown construction paper, cut out in a bear shape, cover in glue, then covered in ground coffee.  Nice texture, good aroma and can go into the compost bin when they tire of it!

The girls also created a buffet for birds this week.  Although I'm still not sure what the inside circle is made of...but whatever it is, its smeared with peanutbutter and rolled in birdseed with a handy dandy piece of yarn to hang it by.

I thought this was pretty nifty and will be used for  capturing lightning bugs later this week.  Cut a hole in the top of an inexpensive gladware container, use colorful tape to adhere some screen and tada!!!  a bug's dream come true (or death chamber depending on your perspective).

Did you notice the spider plant inside the container?  The kids planted them in little peat pots (which yours truly managed to drop on the driveway when we got home).  So I did what any good mother would do...broke out the craft supplies then replanted.

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