Friday, July 31, 2009

Grapevine Studies (Review)

To be honest, when I heard that Grapevine Studies was a Bible curriculum  based on stick figures, I wasn't expecting much.   I mean, really how can anything using stick figures be useful, right?  When I opened the package, our books were wrapped in white paper, with a stick figure drawn on it and a handwritten welcome message.  Olivia was in love from that point, and that piece of paper is now a poster on her bedroom wall, I kid you not.

I ordered the New Testament Overview Level 1 Ages 6-8 Grades 1-2 so that it would fit Olivia's age and academic  level the best.  However, Lindsey has really enjoyed it and even at three, she's keeping up very well with the exception of not being able to write the memory verse.   This is the only part of our school day where the kids ask "do we have to stop?  can't we do more?"  This has quickly become my kids' favorite part of their school day!

The Grapevine method teaches the Bible as if it were a puzzle.  The curriculum teaches an overall timeline first.  Each following  lesson begins with a timeline review up to the point of that days lesson.   The information from each lesson then helps solidify the timeline events.   The student either takes notes, or stick figures the details of the lesson.   I honestly didn't think stick figures would make any sense at all.  However, I've found that the simplicity of it allows both of my children to work at their own level to document the events they are studying, in a way that they understand.   At the end of each lesson there is a set of review questions that helps to ensure that the students have grasped the major concepts of the passage being studied.   I've been wonderfully surprised at how much information the girls are retaining from our studies! 

The teacher manual provides background Bible reading to prepare for the lesson; information on definitions you need to look up prior to the lesson and tells you what to draw (and shows you the end product for those of us not creative enough to do it on our own).

The program is broken down nicely by age and grade.  However, the folks at Grapevine are very helpful with recommendations if you're not sure about where your child needs to be.   Prices vary by product.    We reviewed the New Testament Overview; and the student text costs $25.95 per copy and the teacher edition is $45.95 for the one year curriculum.

Beginner Ages 5-7 Pre-K- K

These fun and engaging books are designed with small children in mind. Take a look at how you can effectively teach young children even when they have the wiggles!
Level 1 Ages 6-8 Grades 1-2
Take a step beyond the Beginner. Teachers will introduce Bible timelines and teach more in-depth lessons. Your students will never complain about being bored again!
Level 2 Ages 8-10 Grades 3-4

Level 2 students will continue to learn the Bible timeline and memorize important biblical facts that every believer would benefit from knowing. Students will love drawing the Bible!
Level 3 Ages 10-13 Grades 5-8

Bible geography sets this level apart. Not only will students learn the major characters and events of the Bible they will also know where these events take place.
Level 4 Teen-Adult Grades 9-Adult

Students will master the Bible timeline, be introduced to Bible study tools, and practice using a Bible Dictionary, Concordance, and Topical Bible.
Level 5 Teen-Adult Independent
Mature believers will enjoy these self-directed Bible studies. Students will practice inductive study skills, answer critical thinking questions, do hands-on projects, and choose research projects. 
Multi-Level Ages 7 and up

Do you need to teach several age groups at one time? These studies will help you effectively teach each age while maintaining the interest of all students.

The folks at Grapevine Studies have graciously offered my readers a 30% discount if you shop between now and August 30, 2009.  Simply go to Grapevine Studies and shop your little heart out!  Then when you go to checkout use the coupon code of crew9 to receive your 30% discount!   I highly recommend that you take advantage of this coupon!!

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