Saturday, July 25, 2009

Quarter Past 14

Olivia and I have been working on telling time.  It's going really well.  She can tell the time to the hour and the half hour.   Yesterday I told her that this coming week we'd start working on the quarter hour.    Lindsey listens intently to all that Olivia is doing, and insists that she understands it all and knows it all.

So this morning at 7:00 am, I was awakened by a little voice beside me saying "Mom, time to get up, its' quarter past 14!".....I went to bed at almost would be lovely if there were a 14...instead of a 7.

Great news!   The subtraction issue clicked in Olivia's brain this week!!   She's very proud of herself (so am I).   Now we're moving onward with greater and less.  She seems to get this concept pretty easily.  Although, at first any number with a nine in the one's column was considered greater to her. 

Another exciting thing for me the last week or so has been her reading skill explosion.   She's actually VOLUNTEERING to read extra during class time!!   Her fluency and tone/inflection has improved greatly too.  Some of the words she reads without struggle amazes me.

Media Angels has a wonderful printable ABC coloring book that they were offering free this last week.  Besides focusing on the alphabet, it teaches Creation Science and Geology as well.  Lindsey is super excited about the series of booklets (I have to finish cutting and assembling them today).

Next week will be a short school week for us.  I'll be babysitting one of Lindsey's little friends from early Thursday morning through late Friday evening.  I'm planning on doing a field trip on Thursday (I hope) and then Friday we're traveling a little ways to meet some of my old friends at a park for a picnic lunch.

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