Friday, October 2, 2009

Pennsylvania Week 2

So we're moving right along in our study of Pennsylvania.   This week we spent more time reading books about people and places.   We focused on early Pennsylvania history and Milton S. Hershey (oh how I love that man!)

Books we used:

The Colony of Pennsylvania, by Susan Whitehurst
A Historical Album of Pennsylvania, by Charles A. Willis
Milton Hershey Chocolate King/Town Builder, by Charnan Simon
Chocolate by Hershey, by Betty Burford

To help solidify our study of Milton Hershey, we took a little chocolate bar break...mmmm.   We also used this opportunity to work on fractions.  Since these yummie little bars are divided into 4 sections we worked on 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 and whole numbers. Can't you tell the girls are just glazed over thinking about those little bars of creamy goodness?!

We wrapped up our study of Milton Hershey by  baking brownies from scratch using this yummie recipe from  I'm pretty certain that this was the favorite part of the week as far as the kids are concerned!   Due to trial and error, we've determined than Olivia is the mixer of wet ingredients....

...and Lindsey is the dry ingredient mixer.

The results were!!  and the fact that someone gave us a gallon of whole milk was an added bonus!  We've been drinking powdered milk for so long it was almost sinful to enjoy a glass of whole milk with warm brownies!

We also spent time learning about painted lady butterflies this week.  You can read more about this week's butterfly activities by going  here.

Lindsey spent a lot of her free time working on puzzles.  She's very good at this activity and it keeps her occupied while I spend one on one time with Olivia.  What, you don't have a pony in your classroom?

Olivia finished memorizing the books of the Old Testament this week.  It was part of her homework from co-op, and will also be necessary for Awana in a few weeks, so we'll just keep reviewing these for a while.

In case you've ever wondered what response you get when you say "chew slowly, that's all the chocolate you get today" you go.

I'm certain we've accomplished a lot more this week...but for the life of me, I can't recall any of it.  Hopefully the kids retained more than I did!   To see what other moms have retained from the week, head of to the Weekly Wrap Up!

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