Friday, April 9, 2010

Connecticut, Week 3

This has been yet another crazy week for me (shocking I know)!   My husband was moved to first shift for the week.  This worked out well for our evening activities, but it also meant I had to take the kids to work with me.  We packed up their schoolwork and lunches each morning and they set up camp in the waiting room while I worked.   Thankfully, I'm the only one in my office and this was spring break for the music we had the building to ourselves.

Olivia finished up her 1st Little House on the Prairie book and has moved onto another in the series.  Although, at the moment, the name escapes me and I'm not walking upstairs to look.  Forgive me.

We also studied the praying mantis (this IS the state insect of Connecticut).  I headed back over to Enchanted Learning to find some anatomy diagrams and printouts of the mantis.  Olivia and Lindsey especially liked this study because of our beloved "Queen Esther" who met an untimely end last summer.  We also made our own paper praying mantis from the printables at Danielles Place.

Books we used:

Praying Mantises, by Larry Dane Brimner
Mantises, by Sylvia A. Johnson
Backyard Hunter The Praying Mantis, by Bianca Lavies
Praying Mantis, by Rebecca Stefoff

The Connecticut state bird is the robin.  This was a wonderful time to be studying robins, as they have appeared in abundance in the neighborhood now that spring has sprung.   The girls had fun counting robins together in addition to our reading.  We incorporated poetry month with our robin studies by using some rhyming books.

Books we used:
My Spring Robin, by Anne Rockwell
Little Robin Redbreast, Mother Goose Rhyme

On Thursday we made a trip to the pediatrician with Olivia.  I thought she had strep, but she doesn't.  They also checked her for mono, which was negative as well.   She does have tonsillitis...and they are HUGE, even worse than Lindsey's were (which is hard to comprehend).   She's on three days of steroids, and then we go back on Monday to see if there is any noticeable and lasting improvement.  If not, we go to the ENT (ear, nose, throat doctor) and start that process.

Both girls had ballet and baseball this week.  There was no Awana because of spring break.   Co-op today had a very low attendance level, not sure if it's the beautiful weather, or everyone is sick.  Either way, only 5 more days of co-op to go!  WOOHOOO!!

I'm also working on getting my blog fully moved over to Blogger.  It's a slow process, but I'm working on it!    If you want to go by and check it our go to the new Learning Curve.   I'll be dual posting until I get everything swapped and set up.

Head over to the Weekly Wrap Up to catch up on everyone else's week.

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  1. It's great that you can take the kids with you to work. Poor Olivia! I'm still praying for her!


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