Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring Break-ish?

Why, you ask, do I say spring break-ish?   Well first of all, I typically don't take a spring break however, I'm pretty certain it is supposed to mean "take some time off".  Sounds good in theory, doesn't it?

Monday I drove a family member to a nearby town to have surgery, then spent the rest of the day waiting for her to be released into my care for the remaining week.  Finally collected the patient, drove back home got her fed, comfy and settled and then took Lindsey to ballet while our patient slept.  Olivia stayed home from her extra ballet practice because a stomach bug hit her over the weekend and she wasn't able to get too far away from the bathroom.  Then back home to fix dinner, tend to the patient and work on reviews.

Tuesday  morning I had to go into work early, because 1) I didn't work Monday and I needed to make up time; 2) payroll needed to be done and 3) I have to leave early on Thursday for another conflict of schedule.  Have I mentioned that working 12 hours a week really isn't working into my schedule very well?  Back home to take care of my patient and feed the family.  Then we started and completed Olivia's end of year assessment test and got it mailed back out for scoring.  Sometime right after dinner Olivia's "condition" kicked up a couple of notches and it was a LONG night.  Finally went to bed a little after midnight, only to get up at 3am to check on Olivia and find her with a temperature that was reading over 104.  Lots of prayer, Motrin and a tepid bath and she was down to 102.5.  Sometime after 5am I finally got back to bed.

Wednesday morning Olivia's temperature and "condition" had subsided and she's been fine ever since.  I had to drive to the next town over to the Abeka display to order the products I need from them for the upcoming year.  Shipping is free when you order at the display, so I needed to take advantage of that.  While I was out I also hit the teacher supply store to pick up a few needed items, then swung by the local book fair.  Then home to feed the family, care for the patient,  do some laundry and get Lindsey  off to Awana.  Lindsey had show and tell and it had to be green.  I refused to make a shamrock, because really everyone is doing that right?  So I made homemade green play-doh.  Here's the recipe:

1 cup flour
1/2 cup salt
1 Tbsp. oil
1 Tbsp. cream of tartar
food coloring

Mix all ingredients together in pot.  Cook over medium heat, stirring constantly until the mixture comes away from the sides of the pan and forms a blob.

Thursday was work, I went in early.  I had to leave at noon, because activity day starts at 1:30 and I had to have enough time to get home eat and get to the facility and get the class set up by 1:15.   This month I taught on the Navajo.   Click here to read about it and check out the crafts we did.  Then at 5:45pm Olivia had her first baseball practice for this season.  In the next two weeks we have five practices and 3 scrimmage games.

Friday was co-op all day; followed by ballet.; followed by laundry and lesson plans for the upcoming week.   My patient had her follow up appointment, and was able to return to her own home.  So our family "rehab center" has graduated 2 people in the last 3 months.

So the only "break" I got was we didn't do any schoolwork at all.  I'm quite certain this is NOT how spring break is supposed to go.  It's 9pm, and I'm exhausted and my head feels as though it may split in half at any given moment.  Break....yeah, right!

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