Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Well after 7 years of parenting, I finally got to make my first (and hopefully last) trip to the ER for an injury.  Olivia had a ball game scheduled tonight.  We got to the field, she set her things down, I started to set up my chair and I heard her crying….turned around to see a bloody mouth.

Several hours later, we’re home with this….

043Five stitches in her face.  Antibiotics for 7 days.  A trip to the dentist tomorrow to see about the tooth.  (A permanent front tooth no less.)

What happened you ask?  One of her teammates, who has been told over and over again to not to throw balls recklessly still didn’t listen.  She had just put her glove on and thrown a ball to her practice partner.  Meanwhile the reckless teammate picked up a ball and threw it full force from less than 3 feet.  The hole in her face is where the tooth came all the way through her skin…not her lip, her skin.

I must admit, she was a lot braver than I thought she’d be.  They ER doctor gave me the option of gluing her face together or stitching.  I asked him, if he were in my shoes, and this was his 7 year old daughter what he’d pick.  He said the stitches, it’ll make a neater scar.

So I got the task of explaining in detail what was going to happen. The shot in the lip to numb it, the sewing just like when  and then we’re done.  Have I mentioned that Olivia is terrified of shots?   There is probably no worse feeling in the world than to have to hold your child down for the numbing shot.  Once that was over things went well….she didn’t even flinch during the stitching. 

Poor Lindsey is so compassionate about her sister.  She started crying when Olivia got hurt and didn’t stop until after we left the hospital. 

Stopped to get gas and bought everyone a Slurpee…that seemed to help everyone.  Except me. 

I’m still really mad to be honest about it. Besides a scarred face, a possible loss of a permanent tooth and unnecessary medical and dental bills, I now have a child who loves to play ball but is terrified to try and play again.   All because someone else won’t listen.  Gonna have to pray about this one… 

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  1. Oh, this story made me sad...and made. Sorry to hear that this was a reckless mistake!


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