Friday, August 20, 2010

Weekly Wrap Up – The Short Week


I’ve noticed that Olivia has forgotten some of her addition facts over the summer.  So this week, we made an addition fact lapbook from Homeschool Share.  We also included a domino game to put into our lapbook.  Olivia enjoyed making the lapbook, and she’ll be reviewing it on a daily basis until they are memorized more firmly.  Once that task is complete, we’ll do a weekly or monthly review.

006  010

We’ve started our study of South Carolina this week.   We worked on our state map and state fact sheet.  Then we moved on to our famous South Carolinian, Mary McLeod Bethune.

Books we used:

Mary McLeod Bethune: A Great Teacher; by Patrick and Frederick McKissack
Mary McLeod Bethune Educator; by Malu Halasa
South Carolina; by Myra S. Weatherly
South Carolina; by R. Conrad Stein

On Wednesday evening, I made my first ever emergency room trip with an injured child.  If you’ve paid close attention to the two photos above, you may see why.  Our ball player has an official “battle scar”.  Read all the gory details here.

In science we’ve started studying the solar system.  This week we made paper models of the solar system (and then added them to our science notebooks).   They are loving the hands on projects!

100_3777 100_3782

Lindsey’s cursive writing is improving greatly.  I think the fact that her hands are a wee bit bigger this year is a big help for her.  She’s quite proud of herself….can’t you tell?

100_3763 100_3764On Friday, we took our first official “Friday Fun Day” off from school.  My plan is to have one of these days each month.  Our day started out early as we drove to a nearby town and picked up a friend for a surprise sleepover.   Then we traveled further north to go swimming and have a picnic with one of my oldest friends and her teenage daughters.   Then we were back home for some downtime, and then off to Olivia’s baseball game.   She sat the game out after her incident from earlier this week.   I’m hoping that by next week she’ll be brave and try ease back into the outfield…but time will tell.

023 027

034 042

Be sure to check out the Weekly Wrap Up! this week.

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  1. We're also studying the states this year. How do you determine what books additional books you'll read? I like the idea of famous people. Thanks for sharing. Great week!

  2. I'm using Cantering the Country to find a lot of my resources for the state studies. I also contact the state travel bureau and have them send me brochures, info on points of interest. Then if I know of a particula place/thing of interest in the state we'll work that in as well.

  3. I am part of the Weekly Wrap Up too. Loved the Cantering the Country. I haven't seen that before.


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