Monday, October 25, 2010

Tree Detectives

Our city has a couple of really nice parks.  One is right in the middle of town and offers playgrounds, ball parks and lots to do. My favorite park is a little further across town, but has lovely walking trails and lots of wildlife.   We headed over this morning to go on a hike and to learn more about tree identification.   The leaves are lovely and it was a great day for a hike.  We saw several deer and lots of squirrels.

008 019

We were successfully able to identify oak,maple, hickory, cherry, ash, walnut, locust, persimmon, sumac, pine and cedar trees.

004 003

014 007

We identified the leaves, nuts, cones and seed pods and examined the different types of bark.

031 025

As an added bonus, we found lots of mosses and fungi to study as well.

009 028



The last of the wildflowers, put to good use!

026 030



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