Friday, October 29, 2010

Weekly Wrap Up – Billy Graham Comes to School


Weekly_Wrap-Up I’m simply flabbergasted at how fast the time is going.  I mean, seriously folks it’s almost November!  Didn’t we just have Christmas??  Please tell me I’m not the only one that feels like the world is stuck on fast forward…please???

Geography/history:  We began our study of North Carolina this week.  We studied Billy Graham and Orville and Wilbur Wright.  We also completed our state report form, state map and our biography reports on Reverend Graham and the Wright Brothers.

Books and videos we used:

Billy Graham Biography; by Sandy Donovan
Billy Graham – A Life in Word and Deed; by Jay Walker
Billy Graham, God’s Ambassador; by Russ Busby
Crusade – The Life of Billy Graham; PBS Home Video
North Carolina Facts and Symbols; by Shelley Swanson Sateren
First to Fly; by Peter Busby
Airborne; by Mary Collins

I was pleased to hear Olivia and Lindsey chatting about what a great preacher Reverend Graham was.  They were both very impressed with the size of the crowds he preached to, but the altar calls had them both cheering!  Then, to find out that one of his children is Franklin Graham of Samaritan’s Purse just further endeared the Graham family!  (We finished packing our shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child this week.)

Science:  We learned about tree types this week.  So we headed off to one of our city parks to go on a hike and to be Tree Detectives.  We identified lots of varieties of trees, and saw deer as well.


Latin:  Lesson 10 focused on commands (stand, sit, write, repeat), and word endings based on if you’re talking to one person or a group of people.   We had fun playing Simon Says with this weeks vocabulary!

Language arts:  We finished up pronouns and moved on to action verbs, and even a little diagramming.  We’ve continued reciting all of our memorized poems as well.   The kids are really enjoying the memory work.

Spelling:  Lesson 14 completed without any issue.

Math:  Olivia did fine this week.  We had a slight brain cramp early on concerning time, but it didn’t last long.   Lindsey has moved on to memorizing addition facts as well.

Reading:   Olivia is plowing through the Felicity (American Girl).  She simply adores these books!   Although, last night I found her up 2 hours past bedtime reading “King Arthur”.   So I guess her interests are varied?    Lindsey is doing well with her reading.   She is a lot farther along that her phonics program, but I dare not slow her down!

Awana:  Success!  Lindsey has her Hang Glider rank patch and Olivia has her wings and red jewel #1.   Lindsey will get her wings and jewel next week.  Both girls recited 3 new verses this week.  So we’ll be cutting back to 2 this week.

Ballet/tap:  Nutcracker fever is permeating the ballet studio.  Even the little girls are getting excited, and they aren’t even in it!  Regular classes are going well.  Lindsey is learning new steps in tap and she’s enjoying practicing them…a lot.  Me, not so much.

Piano:  Today I heard a lovely little song being played on the piano with out any nudging from me.  So I popped my head in to encourage Olivia for taking the initiative.   Much to my surprise, there sat Lindsey grinning from ear to ear.   “Did you like my song?”     Why yes, I did dear.   This whole auditory learner thing is really quite fascinating.   Olivia is doing great as well, but I knew SHE was learning to play.  

That’s about it for the week.  I hope your week went well.  Be sure to stop by the Weekly Wrap Up and read about everyone else’s week.

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  1. Yay, for another super Learning Curve week :) I'm as shocked as you to realize that October is almost over. I mean really...crazy!

  2. Great history study....They are truly God's generals. Blessed to find your blog from the weekly wrap-up! Have a great weekend!

    Forest Rose

  3. Sounds like an action-packed week! I am totally not grasping that November is nearly here!


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