Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas Traditions

My husband and his coworkers were discussing Christmas traditions this past week.  Most of his coworkers said they had one or two traditions.   The spouse isn’t particularly quick thinking when put on the spot, and drew a blank about what we do.  I’m hoping it’s just a brain freeze and that it really DOES mean something to him.   So anyway, I thought I’d share our traditions with my wonderful readers.   If you happen to see my hubby, you can remind him of these things (grins).

Operation Christmas Child:  We do at least two shoe boxes for the Operation Christmas Child project.  We start shopping for items the day after Christmas and slowly fill our boxes up during the year, then come November, all we do is pack and ship.

Christmas ornaments:  Each year I search for a special ornament for each girl, commemorating something special that happened in their lives that year.  By the time they are grown, they’ll have a lovely box or ornaments and memories to take to their own trees.

Ringing the bell:  We sign up as a family to ring the collection bell for the Salvation Army.   Sometimes we do several outings.   Last year there was a blizzard on our day…so we missed a year.  I know this is a regional thing…but here it doesn’t seem like Christmas without having those little red kettles out, and having people standing out in the freezing winter air ringing that little bell.

Food:  Fudge, peanut butter balls and potato candy are a MUST each year.   We also make sugar cookies, chocolate chip, peanut butter blossoms, gingersnaps and no bake oatmeal cookies.   I send a platter in to the husbands job; and the mailman gets a package, and the garbage guys too.   We also are elves to a couple of neighbors and friends.

Christmas lights:  At least once during the season we all pile into the van with our hot cocoa and cookies and drive around looking at Christmas lights.  There are some stunning displays in our town…and some that put the Griswald’s to shame!

Birthday cake:  On Christmas Eve, the girls and I bake Jesus a birthday cake.  The first year we did it, Olivia was 6 months old and we ended up with a foot in the middle of the poor cake, but I’m sure Jesus got a chuckle out of it.

Candle light service:   My in-laws’ church has a Christmas Even candle light service.   We typically go to their house early in the day for dinner and gifts and then hit the candle light service on the way home.

Eggnog French toast:  Yes, seriously.  I found this recipe the first year we were married, and we have it every Christmas morning.  French bread dipped in eggnog and fried, then covered with warm cherry pie filling and sprinkled with powdered sugar.   Yummo!

What is your favorite holiday tradition?

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