Thursday, January 27, 2011

Science Meets Art

Our science focus for this week has been birds.  We’ve learned a lot about anatomy, including having been grossed out by crops and gizzards.    Something totally new to me was that birds have hollow bones to help them be lighter for flight.

We also spent time learning about how God gave birds the ability to build homes out of whatever was available to them.  My friend Vicki has found several abandoned nests in her barn and graciously saved them for us.   The one little nest has 4 little abandoned eggs in it.  This gave us an opportunity to discuss how important mothers care is to their babies, no matter what species.

The photo below shows a comparison of the different types of nests.  The nest on the top (and on the right below) is made mostly of straw, hay and even some corn stalks.  The nest on the bottom (and on the left) is mostly made of horse hair, leaves, feathers and finer pieces of hay.



The task was to pick one nest and draw a picture of it, with as much detail as possible.


Lindsey’s drawing didn’t have a great deal of detail.  Olivia on the other hand put lots of effort into her picture  If you notice on the upper right corner, there is a daddy bird flying in with a worm to feed to the mommy bird while she sits on the eggs.


Then by the time we were finished, Olivia came up with this little clay nest, with tiny little clay eggs.  The feathers were from her collection (and I have to figure out where that collection is and check it).

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