Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Kids Flag Page Kit

I’m always entering giveaways on blogs, hoping to win, but not really expecting it.  The odds have to work in my favor eventually and I won the Kids Flag Page Kit giveaway over at Homeschool Creations.

The Kids Flag Page Kit is an awesome tool that helps you to understand your child’s makeup.  In addition it gives you tools (input) as to how to best address parenting styles for each individual child.

Olivia loved working through the game with me and fell exactly where I’d expected her to be.  Peace (thus the name Olivia) was her “home country”; with Perfect being her “adopted country”.   Disclaimer, perfect as in perfectionistic tendencies, not as in she’s the perfect child.

Lindsey was the one that surprised me.  Truthfully, I’m still not convinced she did it right.  I was totally expecting her “home country” to be Control, but instead she landed on Peace as well.  Her “adopted country” was Fun…and that party I agree with.  However, once I read a thorough description of the Peace/Fun child, I did see that it does suit her quite well.  Although, I still say she’s a miniature control freak.


If you are struggling to understand your child, or just need a little extra nudge in your parenting style, I really do recommend this product. 

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