Friday, March 18, 2011

Weekly Wrap Up - Michigan


Another fun and busy week has flown by! Life is just a blur of activity anymore!   Friday night we went camping in the basement.   Saturday Olivia competed in her 2nd Performance Awards.  Tuesday we attended a free concert by the United States Air Force Band. Wednesday was the norm, piano and Awana.  Thursday was Activity Day and 4-H.  Friday back to the norm…just ballet.

Yet, in the middle of all that hustle and bustle, we managed to do some school work!

History/geography:  Michigan was our state of the week.  We talked about the Great Lakes and learned the definition of a peninsula.  We had two famous people, Henry Ford and Derek Jeter.  I figured with baseball season starting this week it wouldn’t hurt to read about a pro ball player!  Of course we did our usual state map, flag, fact sheet and state coin.

Books we used:

On the Field With Derek Jeter; by Matt Christopher
The Wanigan, a Life on the River; by Gloria Whelan
The Smithsonian Guide to Natural America, The Great Lakes; by Michele Strutin
Eat My Dust, Henry Ford’s First Race; by Monica Kulling
Along Came the Model T!; by Robert Quackenbush
Thundercake; by Patricia Polacco
Michigan; by Martin Hintz
Michigan; by Elizabeth M. Johnson

Science:  We’ve started studying human anatomy. We learned lots of bone and organ names this week.   We learned how to splint a broken bone.  Please note, we did NOT learn how to do it without worsening the injury,sigh.

performance awards 015performance awards 019

We also made “mini-me’s” of the girls.   This week we added the skeletal system and the digestive system.  More to come next week!

performance awards 020001

Latin:  This week the topic was the sky.  So we learned the words for sun, moon, star and sky.   Amazing how many Latin words I already knew, but didn’t know they were Latin!  We added more pages to our dictionary.

performance awards 025

Language Arts:  We have entered the world of contractions.  This went pretty smoothly except on the ones that change too much; such as “will not” becoming “won’t”.  We’ll be reviewing this again next week.

Reading:  Lindsey is doing much better.  She’s reading with a lot more inflection.   Olivia caused my brain to tilt when she asked “Mom, can I read more than is on my work list?  Can I pick out another book to read at bedtime?”….insert angelic choir singing here.

Math:  Olivia is working on the 5 multiplication and division tables.  Lindsey is learning the addition families through 10.

Ballet/piano/Awana:  Still making progress.  Nothing new to report.

I think that was pretty much our week.  Be sure to visit the Weekly Wrap Up!

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  1. I love the skeletal system mini-me's. What a great idea! Stopping by from WUH.

  2. we are doing human anatomy too this week - digestive system!!

  3. Howdy :)

    I always love your hands on projects!


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