Thursday, May 26, 2011

HSV Garden Challenge–May Edition

HS Village Garden Challenge

The garden is looking much more garden like than it did last month!  We’ve added tomatoes, peppers, squash and cucumber plants, and also planted corn and green beans.

We’ve been enjoying fresh lettuces, endive and spinach for several weeks now.   Nothing like a garden fresh salad…if only the tomatoes and lettuces came at the same time!   I’ve been adding Gala apples, chicken breast and shredded cheese to the salad greens for yummy dinners.  

One thing I’ll do different next year is plant the lettuce/salad greens in stages so it isn’t all coming on at one time.  You can only eat so much at one time.   We’ve been blessing lots of folks though.   In the last week alone we’ve given away 10 GALLONS of lettuces!   

The peas (in the back of the photo) should be ready to pick by the end of the week if the weather holds out.  When the peas are finished, they’ll be replaced with pumpkins.   Part of the lettuce, peppers and the onions are also in this garden.


This garden has corn (far right) and 3 types of tomatoes.   There were a couple of cucumbers but I’m thinking the squirrels got them.


To conserve some space we made little gardens along the side of the privacy fence.  We’ve planted green beans and squashes there.


Lindsey’s herb garden is making progress as well.  The sage, basil and cilantro are doing really well.  The chives, mint and oregano are taking a bit more time getting started (uh, yeah, the squirrels have been digging in the pots).


My flower beds are still my pride and joy.   The tulips are long gone.  But now my peonies, primrose, spiderwort, lamium, salvia and blanket flowers are in bloom.

I love my peonies!


The red hot pokers have gone wild this year!  Will have to divide these in the fall!


How is your gardening going so far?  Don’t forget to stop by the HSV Garden Challenge and check on everyone’s progress this month!

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  1. Ohhh, love your gardens. Especially the idea of little ones around the perimeter. Wonderful! (I found you via the HV Gardening Challenge. ) Stop by and visit my blog!

  2. You have an awesome garden! I will have to remember to take pictures of my flowers the next garden linkup. :)

  3. You're doing great!!! I'm taking lessons from you!

  4. Those peonies are gorgeous!


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